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Hard Candy Woodshop

Magnificent Mushrooms Wooden Box

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Isn't Fungi Fantastic?! Here at Hard Candy, we love nature and all the amazing things it gives us.  This is what inspired our lovely little Mushroom box.

This box is made from basswood, is lined in padded cloth which compliments the piece, and is completed in antique brass hardware. The group of mushrooms is engraved and then hand-stained. The body of the box is hand-stained in golden oak and features metal corner accents and a front metal clasp.  The interior fabric features a white background with various colorful mushrooms.

The box measures 8,5" wide, 5.25" front to back, and 3.5" deep.

Three coats of premium satin lacquer add an enduring finish. 

Please allow 7 to 14 days to ship as these are made to order. 



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